Mediterranean – 1886 – 1887 – 23 train engines (V)

In March 1887, Napoleon III bought 1,000 shares of the company “1880 Mediteranean Rail”. Train engine #1 (a 4-4-0 8-Wheeler) was hauling two mail wagons to Nimes, while train engine #2 (another 4-4-0 8-Wheeler) was heading to Marseille Junction without cargo.


In the image above and the image below we can see the beautiful city of Barcelona while train engines #1-#8 are checked by Adolph von Hansemann.

Train engine #7 (a 2-8-0 Consolidation) was in customs at Barcelona Station.


In March 1887, Adolph von Hansemann owned 19,000 shares of 1880MR, Gerson von Bleichroder owned 6,000 shares of the same company, Napoleon III was the third shareholder with 2,000 shares and other investors owned 174,000 shares.


In March 1887, a new train engine (type 2-8-0 Consolidation) was purchased by the company “1880 Mediteranean Rail” for the route La Rochelle – Bordeaux – Toulouse.


Train engine #10 (a 4-2-2 Iron Duke) was waiting for cargo at Montpellier Station.

In the image below, we can see the city of Paris, where a 4-4-0 8-Wheeler belonging to the company “Besancon Western” was arriving in May 1887, hauling one mail wagon and two passenger wagons.


In the image below we can see two train engines (type 4-4-0 8-Wheeler) belonging to the company “Besancon Western” near the city of Dijon in May 1887.


In the image below (taken in July 1887) we can see La Rochelle Station and two trains belonging to the company “1880 Mediteranean Rail” (a 2-4-0 Vulcan heading to La Rochelle and a 2-8-0 Consolidation on its way to Bordeaux).


To be continued…


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