Britain – 1886 – 1887 – Will Isambard Kingdom Brunel lose control of his company T.H.R.S.? (VI)

In August 1887, London Zephyr 01 was travelling on route London-Oxford.


With a breakdown chance per year of 5.2% (grown 400% after 17 years of use), this train engine was sent to London Train Museum (for a temporary retirement).


In the image below, we can see four train engines belonging to the company “The Hammers Rail System”, a small part of the city of London and the station “London Train Museum”. Train engine #13 (a 4-4-0 8-Wheeler) was transporting three wagons of iron to London. Train engine #14 (a 4-2-2 Iron Duke) was transporting two wagons of grain to the same city. Train engine #9 (another 4-4-0 8-Wheeler) was transporting three passenger wagons, a dining wagon, goods and food to Oxford. Also, there was a 2-8-0 Consolidation blocked behind train engine #13.


In the image below we can see the list of train engines #1 – #14 in September 1887.


Considering that T.H.R.S. had in October 1887 cash of 25 million dollars, Isambard Kingdom Brunel decided to expand Northern Ireland’s railroad network, building train stations in Dublin and Kildare.


Unfortunately, only Dublin was big enough to sustain a train station commercially and financially.

Kildare was just a village that recently had been elevated to “town status”.


The train station Dublin was supplied immediately after its inauguration with four passenger wagons, one mail wagon, one milk wagon and one food wagon.

Dublin was the first train station built after “London Train Museum”.

With a brand new station, T.H.R.S. had to increase its fleet of train engines. There were indeed fewer train engines in Ireland than on the main island of Britain.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel chose this time to purchase a brand new 3-Truck Shay. It is interesting that at this point in time, only two of this type of engines existed in Britain.


To be continued…


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