Mediterranean – 1886 – 1887 – 23 train engines (VI)

In July 1887 the company “1880 Mediteranean Rail” built a new train station, “Barcelona Junction”. Its purpose is to facilitate the maintenance – repairs, sand refills, water replenishing – for the train engines that travel on the route Valencia – Toulouse or Valencia – Montpellier (or Murcia – Montpellier/Toulouse). Those train engines bypass the city of Barcelona and the operations of maintenance must be operated before the locomotives reach the steep mountains of Pyranees.


In one week, a roundhouse, a sanding tower, a water tower and a customs house were built at “Barcelona Junction” train station.


In the picture below, we can see the train station “Valencia” in July 1887. It had a large hotel, a large restaurant, a saloon, a mail/post office, a customs house, a liquid storage facility (because Valencia produces oil wagons), a roundhouse, a water tower and a sanding tower. There are also telegraph poles.


While “Valencia” has in the background the beautiful image of the sea, “Murcia” offers the sight of the Spanish mountains “Cordillera Betica”. The buildings of this station include a large hotel, a large restaurant, a saloon, a mail/post office, a warehouse, a refrigerated storage building, a roundhouse, a water tower, a sanding tower and, of course, telegraph poles.


In July 1887, “1880 Mediteranean Rail” had cash of 1.8 million dollars. Between Barcelona Junction and Valencia there were 4 train engines, three of them carrying passengers, oil and produce to Barcelona, while the fourth one (train engine #12) was hauling three passenger wagons, a dining wagon and a mail wagon to Valencia.


Train engine #15 (a brand new 2-8-0 Consolidation) was assigned on the route Valencia – Toulouse.


In July 1887, train engines #14 and #15 were brand new.


To be continued…


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